We are a group of social service activists and technocrats, initiated this service with an aim to spread the solar usage in India by bringing down the product cost. We strive to bring forward the success stories on how to develop an efficient solar product in the most economic way. This also helps to save the nature with the increased usage of green energy. We observed that the difference between actual cost and market price is more than 100%. This huge margin can be brought down when you learn the solar technology. We suggest you concentrate on the following before designing the products.

1) Product vendors
2) Quality of product
3) Post sales support
4) Technology blueprint
5) Examine the existing product

10 HP Solar Water Pump design and implementation
This is designed in a most economic way at a cost of INR 50,000 per HP. The overall cost will be around INR 5,00,000/- where as if you buy from market you need to shellout close to INR 10,00,000.

Following is the high level design specification

Plant Components
Mono Crystalline 250 W panels - 38 Numbers
19 in series sting and another 19 in series sting, which generates 570 V onload voltage and 8 amps onload current.
Connect both the series stings in parallel, which generates 16 amps current. The overall onload energy will be around 9120 Watt.
Mounting structure is locally fabricated by the local steel worker as per our design standards.
Controller components
Surge arrestor is used to protect the system from lightning effects
DC MCB is used as a circuit breaker between panels and VFD
VFD is used to convert DC power to 3 phase AC with variable frequency.
Tune VFD as per the motor specifications.
AC MCB is used as circuit breaker between VFD and Motor.
Online reactor is used to suppress the inductance current spikes as the motor distance is longer from the control center.
Motor specifications
CRI 10 HP 3 phase AC submersible motor is installed at 300 ft deep in a borewell and from control center the overall distance is around 400 feet. Its maximum specifications are 440V/20Amps/50HZ. This requires 7500 Watts energy where as the solar plant is designed for 9500 Watts and the excess power is considered for energy losses and distribution to other power devices.
Water discharge
Motor starts at 7:30 Am with 30 HZ frequency and runs till 6PM. Below are the frequency variations with corresponding water output on a clear sunny day.
7:30 AM - 30 HZ - around 2 inch water
8:30 AM - 40 HZ - around 3 inch water
11:00 AM - 48 HZ - more than 3 inch water
3:00 PM - 45 HZ - 3 inch water
5:00 PM - 38 HZ
6:00 PM - 30 HZ
Failover connectivity
Designed to switch between Grid AC power and Solar power sources.
Designed to connect to two motors 7.5 HP and 10 HP, any one can be used at a time.

Site location for demo:

Mulakalacheruvu, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.

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